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Borderlands 2 The Dust Run farming guide. Farming Run in The Dust. Goose's Roost is a reference to the character Lt. Nick "Goose" Bradshaw in the movie Top Gun.; A drawing of Spatula Khan can be found in Ellie's garage. The same drawing can be found in the Flavor Cave in the Unassuming Docks. The Gwen's Head can be found in a box in one of five fixed locations every time a player enters The Dust. Borderlands 2: Legendary Drop Locations -, The Borderlands 2: Legendary Drop Locations. Page Discussion Edit History. More... What links here; Related changes; (The Dust) Drops from The Golden Golem (Tiny Tina DLC) Drops from Mr.tinder/huge snow man (Marcus’s mercenary day DLC) ... 2 are prizes from slot machines (2 for each class). 14 drop from enemies and bosses. Slot Machines and boss loot :: Borderlands 2 General Sep 26, 2012 · Slot Machines and boss loot Ever since i hit 50, all i do is farm the 3 regular chest, 2 portapotties, and 1 red chest from thousand cuts and the 3 red chest and saturn from bad lands until i have 1 million dollars and i play slots. Slot Machine In Dust Borderlands 2 -

Borderlands 2 : best jackpot machine this is the best jackpot machine ive found in the game so far. maybe its just my game but i have got 8 jackpot on this machine in a hour. i though i would share the location so you can try it out and see if you get as luck as i didI never seen that before in the dust.

Borderlands 2. All Discussions ... Such as the slot machine in the dust. ... so if you spend all your money in the slot machine first, then death is cheap! Borderlands 2 Challenges Guide - How To Complete

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Slot Machine | Borderlands Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Slot machines are interactive objects introduced in Borderlands 2.They can drop anything from weapons, to a live grenade depending on the result. Tiny Tina's Lootsplosion Slot Machine, was introduced in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.. Torgue Slot Machine or 'Fully Torgued Jackpot' machines are interactive objects introduced in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage.

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Slot Machine Borderlands 2 There is one slot machine in The Dust hidden inside a building in the large area to the right of Ellies garage Two slot machines in the Badass Crater Bar (Requires Campaign of Carnage) Torgue Tokens Slot MachinesMax Number Of Bank Slots In Borderlands 2. max number of bank slots in borderlands 2 Slots Garden No Deposit Codes - Slot Machines Moxxie slot machines worth the money? - Borderlands 2 You can get some good guns from the slot machines. 3 out of the 4 guns I use came from the slot machine, I've gotten 2 purple guns, 5 blues and a shit ton of greens. And a lot of the same tediore customer service class mod. Also if you line up three of those vault symbols on the middle row in the slot machine you get an orange weapon. The Dust - Borderlands 2 Wiki Guide - IGN